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Accommodation suggestions
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Terrasse Royale Hotel, Rockledge Apartments and Studios Hotel are at a walking distance from the CRM. Other locations are at 30 to 40 minutes from CRM by public transport.

Apartment hotels (with kitchenette)

5225, Côte-des-Neiges Road
Montreal Qc H3T 1Y1
Telephone: 514-739-6391
Fax: 514-342-2512
Email: sejour@terrasse-royale.com
Web Site: www.terrasse-royale.com
To get CRM rates, please inform the hotel-keeper upon reservation.

3101 Édouard-Montpetit Street
Montréal, Qc H3T 1K3
Tel: 514-731-5508 / 514-736-3039
Fax : 514-736-1474
Web Site: www.lerockledge.com

3766 Chemin de la Côte des Neiges 
Montréal, Qc H3H 1V6
Tel: 514-439-4003 
1 (855) 439-4003 (toll free) 
Email: giteaucoeururbain@gmail.com
Web Site: http://giteaucoeururbain.ca

2170 Lincoln Avenue
Montreal Qc H3H 2N5
Telephone: 514-935 9224
Toll free: 1-800-678 6323
Fax: 514-935 5049
Email: info@residencemontreal.com
Web Site: www.residencemontreal.com

2045 rue Peel
Montréal, Québec H3A 1T6
Téléphone: 514-982-6064/1 888 999 9494
Télécopieur: 514-844-8361
Site Web: www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/yulri-residence-inn-montreal-downtown/

3463 Sainte-Famille Street #109
Montreal Qc H2X 2K7
Telephone : 514-843-3971
Fax : 514-848-9580
Email: info@trylon.ca
Web Site: www.trylon.ca

3535, rue Saint-Denis
Montreal Qc H2X 3P1
Telephone: 514-282-5120
Toll-free: 1 800-361-5111, extension 5120
Fax: 514-873-9893
Email: hotel@ithq.qc.ca
Web Site: www.ithq.qc.ca/en/hotel/

Hotels and residences

1659 Sherbrooke W. Street
Montreal Qc H3H 1E5
Telephone: 514-933-3611
Toll free: 1 888 933-8111
Fax: 514-933-6967
Email: info@versailleshotels.com
Web Site: Special link for Université de Montréal

5301, rue Mckenna
Montreal Qc H3T 1T9
Telephone: 514-738-2053
Email: info@maisonmckenna.ca
Web Site: https://maisonmckenna.ca/

1808 Sherbrooke W. Street
Montreal Qc H3H 1E5
Telephone: 514-933-8111
Toll free: 1 888 933-8111
Fax: 514-933-6867
Email: info@versailleshotels.com
Web Site: Special link for Université de Montréal

3422 Stanley Street
Montreal Qc H3A 1R8
Telephone: 514-288-6922
Fax: 514-288-5757
Web Site: www.manoirambrose.com

1740 René-Lévesque W. Boulevard
Montreal Qc H3H 1R3
Telephone: 514-931-8841
Toll free: 1-800-363-6063
Fax: 514-931-5581
Email: info@lenouvelhotel.com
Web Site: www.lenouvelhotel.com

1390 du Fort Street
Montreal Qc H3H 2R7
Telephone: 514-938-8333
Toll free: 1-800-565-6333
Fax: 514-938-2078
Email: reserve@hoteldufort.com
Web Site: www.hoteldufort.com

6445 Décarie Blvd.
Montréal (Québec) H3W 3E1
Tel.: 514-739-3800
Fax: 514-739-5616
Toll free: 1-866-465-3800
Email: gm@qualityhotelmidtown.com
Website: http://www.qualityhotelmidtown.com

420 SherbrookeWest
Montreal, Qc H3A 1B4
Telephone: 514-842-6111
Toll Free: 1-800-387-3042
Fax: 514-842-9381
Email: himidtown@rosdevhotels.com
Web Site: www.holidayinn.com/yul-midtown
To reserve with CRM special rates : Click here

ZUM (Université de Montréal Residences)
Available during the summer time from May 1 to August 15 and all year round according to availability.

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